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Visit Bardufoss this fall 

There are two daily departures with Scandinavian Airlines from Oslo, Norways capital, to Bardufoss in Northern Norway. Our hotel is located in the city center, only about 5 minutes from Bardufoss airport. It is hence pretty easy to get to Bardufoss Hotell, from almost anywhere. There are a number of highly recommended activities in our area late summer and fall. Here are some of our favorites:

Hiking among beautiful fall colours 

We have some really amazing hiking opportunities in our area. If you visit Bardufoss early fall we recommend that you hike up our favorite mountain Istind. By late summer all of the snow has melted making it easier to make it up by foot. Read more about the hike here. 

If you prefer hiking or waking without significant increase, we also have some amazing valleys and a national park. Read more here

Dog sledding

Have you every tried to do dog sledding? This is definitely an experience that should be on everyone's bucketlist . The Alaskan huskies pulling the sled usually take a break over summer when the temperature is a bit warmer than they have adapted to, but in the early fall one can usually book the activity and be able to feel the adrenaline while enjouing our beautiful views. Some doggy cuddling is also included of course. Read more here. 

Horseback riding on our very own horse breed 

In short distance from the hotel is the national center for the horse breed known in Norway as Nordlandshesten or Lynghesten. The breed was previously used by farmers in our area, but now it is a very popular breed for both kids and adults. If you have the courage to do some horseback riding we can promise you a beautiful experience with stunning views along the way. The trip is tailored to the riders age and experience levels, and is a great family activity. Read more here

Polar Park

Regardless if one travel with children or not, we recommend a trip to the worlds northernmost animal park. If you have time and feeling extra adventurous you can book a wolf visit and get up and close to the parks wolves. Maybe a kiss or two. The park is also the home to Norway’s large predators such as bears and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox.

Northern lights 

From September it is again dark enough up here that one can enjoy the magical northern lights


Bardufoss is only a 45 minute drive from the fairytale island Senja. Definitely worth a trip. Remember to bring your camera to capture the islands many many photogenic spots. 

Please note: 

Bardufoss is about a two hour drive from both Narvik og Tromsø flyplass, and if you want to a longer trip (e.g. a roadtrip in Northern Norway) we are a great stop on the way. 


Have a look at the rest of our website for more activities!

Whats new at the hotel? 

  • We have renovated about 24 of our bathrooms

  • We have painted some of our rooms 

  • We have a new suite and a new juniorsuite 

  • We have changed all locks and doors in our building

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