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Experience the northern lights in Bardufoss 

The Northern lights are a spectacular light show. Norway is one of the best destinations in the world to see this magical natural phenomenon and for this reason we receive travelers from around the world. 

The latin name of the Northern lights is Aurora Borealis. The phenomen does actually happen all year, but for us to be able to see it we need it to be dark, and preferable have a clear sky.  The winter season is thus the best season to explore the northern lights. If you visit Bardufoss to experience the lights we recommend that you visit in the period October to April.  

Please ask us where to best view the northern lights in the Bardufoss area. We recommend you to try some fun winter activities while you wait for the magical lights, e.g. check out Aurora Husky Tours


Please note that the occurrence of the northern lights depends on solar activity, and how easy they are to see depends on the weather. For these reasons we can never guarantee that you will see them. 

TIP:  The best pictures of the northern lights are often taken during a full moon. 

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