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Experience Northern Norway on horseback

How about experiencing the fabulous views of Northern Norway on a true Norwegian horse breed?  Nordlandshesten (also called lyngshesten) is a Norwegian horse breed, from the area of Lyngen in the Troms county in Northern Norway, not too far from our hotel. The breed was used on the farms for centuries before the machines took over. When the machines replaced horse power on the farms, the breed almost got extinct, but luckily targeted breeding managed to bring the breed back. 

The national center for the Norlandshest/Lynghest offers horseback riding and you can book this using the link below. One can borrow safety equipment without any additional costs. The horses are all used in training and are used to riders of all ages and experience levels. The riding tour will be catered according to your experience. Those who wish to can be led. 

Book your activity

Fill in the form below to request your date. Please note that your booking will only be confirmed by phone/email and you will only then be requested to pay. 

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