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Bilde av OffTrack Expeience

Meet Alaskan huskies and go dog sledding

Come and say hello to real life Alaskan huskies. The dogs are always ready for both cuddles and action. Offtrack experience offers dog sledding experiences both in winter and in summer. 

You will be taught how to handle a team of huskies, and we will explain what Alaskan huskies are, their origin, their history and of course why we have them today. After a short briefing, we are ready to head out & explore the beautiful surroundings!

We will be out on the trail, with views on deep forests and majestic mountains, for +/- 2h, depending on temperatures and wishes of the group. You will drive your own sled in pairs, with a driver and a passenger per sled, and the possibility to switch place regularly. You need to be in reasonable shape, to help and walk / push the sled on the uphills, and break / hold the dogs on the downhills, since the terrain here is slightly challenging.

You can also just come to cuddle with the dogs and to learn more about dog sledding. One can often find puppies. 

Please note that no dog sledding will occur on warm summer days, as the dog breed prefers the colder climate. This means that dog sledding is not normally available in the month of July. 

When there is no snow, we do dog sledding on wheels. 

You can also book a farm visit to meet Alaskan huskies. 

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