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Bardufoss is a small town with approximately 4000 inhabitants, in Troms County in Northern Norway. The town has its own airport, Bardufoss airport, which has 2-3 daily departures/arrivals from Gardemoen airport in Oslo. The route is operated by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). The flight from Oslo takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes.


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Bardufoss is located between Tromsø and Narvik. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Bardufoss to either of these cities and their airports. During the winter season, there is a bus route between Narvik and Tromsø, the Arctic Route, which also stops by Bardufoss Hotel. Book your trip here


Alternative bus routes:

In close proximity to the hotel 

Bardufoss Hotel is located in the center of the town.  Close by you find a gym, coffee shops, shops, a liquor store (Vinmonopolet), pharmacies and more. 

You can also find a gym, Feel24, across the road from the hotel, with their own smoothiebar and retail of gym clothes. Entry to the gym for NOK 50, between 6am and 11pm every day (using our access card).  

The military in Bardufoss

Both the army and the air force is located in the  Bardufoss region. There is also a training facility for the allied forces and the British base Clockwork has been located in Bardufoss for about 50 years. 

Målselv municipality 

​Bardufoss is located in Målselv municipality in Troms county. The municipality covers an area from the Swedish border to the coast. The municipality has a national park, Øvre Dividalen National park. You can read more about the park here.  


 Bardufoss is a great starting point to explore the islands Senja and Dyrøy. Read more about the islands here:

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