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Our favorite winter activities in Bardufoss


The winter season is an amazing time in northern Norway, Its the time for dog sledding, adventures on snow mobiles, meeting arctic animals in the Polar Park, experiencing the magical northern lights, great opportunities for cross country skiing and more. In the period December to mid January we are experiencing the polar nights, where the sun never rises above the horizon. Read more about our favorite winter activities in the Bardufoss area below.  

Experience the northern lights 

The northern lights are technically happening throughout the year, but for us to be able to see it we need it to be dark and preferably a clear sky. The winter season is for this reason the best time to experience the light show.  Are you coming to Bardufoss to experience the Northern lights we recommend that you visit in the period October to April. 

When you visit us you will receive a northern light guide when you arrive, this includes the best places around the town to experience the northern lights, the forecast of solar activity and thus the northern lights and some interesting facts about the lights. If you prefer some help  to find the best spots we can also book you your very own guide. It is also possible to experience the northern lights while participating on evening activities such as dog sledding or Arctic Truck. Then you have a fun activity to do while you wait for the northern lights. 


Keep in mind that there is a chance to see the lights even if it overcast, as you never know when the sky will open up a bit. Read more about the northern lights here

Dog sledding

Dogsledding is the perfect winter activity, and definitely worth giving a go. Come and say hello to real life Alaskan huskies. The dogs are always ready for both cuddles and action. Aurora Husky Tours offers dog sledding experiences in our beautiful area during the winter season. Get a chance to learn how to drive your own dog-team with 4-6 energetic huskies. Experience the friendship and cooperation with the dogs and learn to steer them smooth and silently through a beautiful winter wonderland. The trails will suit everyone from beginners all the way up to aspiring professionals, but can require you to be rather fit, as you will need to help the dogs by pushing the sled in some hills. Read more about dog sledding here

Drive your very own snow mobile

The snow mobile is designed for winter travel and recreation on snow. Aurora Husky offers snow mobile adventures from the 15th of November and focus on providing a fun and exhilarating  adventure. The tracks are well suited for beginners and professionals. The activity is not an expedition, the focus is on providing a fun adventure for all. You will be driving in pairs, and given the opportunity to swap. Read more here

Arctic Truck

Arctic Trucks are known for their unique ability to navigate through deep snow, steep climbs and challenging terrain. On this tour you will be driving both on and off-road, the latter can be somewhat challenging. Before setting off, you will receive a thorough instructions on how to operate the vehicle, e.g. before driving into the deep snow you must deflate the tire pressure, this widens the tire surface and increases the vehicle's ability to float on the snow.


You will drive with one or two passengers in addition to the guide. You will be able to switch places during the trip, so everyone gets the opportunity to drive. If you can drive a normal car, you can drive an Arctic Truck. All you need is a regular driving license and a sense of adventure. Those under 18 years, can come with as a passenger. Read more here


Cross country skiing in Bardufoss

There are beautiful tracks to go cross country skiing in our area. The best time to go skiing is the period February to April, when the sun is back (we think). 

Keen to join a race? Reistadløpet, is arranged yearly in Bardufoss, more specifically 69° north and is such the northernmost race among the Visma Ski Classics.  The race was organised for the first time in 1958 and is today one of Norway's oldest and most well known ski races. You can choose between 34 or 50km. Regardless of the distance chosen you the trails are located in the beautiful arctic landscape from Setermoen to Bardufoss. There is also a short race specifically  for children in Setermoen the Friday before the main race. Read more here

Meet the indigenous people of the north, the Sami and reindeer 

Visit the Oskal’s and their reindeer at the Aurora Husky camp in Målselv. The Oskal is a genuine local Sami family making their living the same way their ancestors did herding their reindeer and keeping traditions alive. Learn about the Sami history, their culture and way of life. Read more here

Visit the worlds northernmost animal park 

The Polar Park is the home to Norway’s large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox. The parken is about a 45 minute drive from the hotel. They offer wolf visit,where you can get up and close with wolves,  guided tours to get some great pictures, and guided tours to learn more about the parks predators.  The aim of the park is to create a Norwegian wilderness experience with the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway’s nature. Read more here. 

Did we forget some? Send us a message. 

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