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Dog sledding in Bardufoss

Come and say hello to real life Alaskan huskies. The dogs are always ready for both cuddles and action. Aurora Husky Tours offers dog sledding experiences in our beautiful area during the winter season. 

Get a chance to learn how to drive your own dog-team with 4-6 energetic huskies. Experience the friendship and cooperation with the dogs and learn to steer them smooth and silently through a beautiful winter wonderland.

Their trails will suit everyone from beginners all the way up to aspiring professionals.

After meeting your dogs and preparing for the adventure, their experienced guides will teach you how to ride your sled safely.


Aurora Husky 


Transport from the hotel

A hot meal

An experienced guide



The capacity of the trips is limited to 16 people/trip. There is no minimum. 

Time of the year: 

15. November - May 

The cost of a dogsledding adventure: 

A half-day dogsledding adventure: 1 495 NOK (including transport from the hotel)

Aurora Husky Tours also offer a customised adventures. 


Bjørn Tore Helgesen

+47 918 86 276

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