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Visit the island Senja this summer

The island Senja is Norway's second largest island, and is by many called miniature Norway. The island has both dramatic mountains and idyllic white beaches. On the island you can find hills and birch forest, small villages and farms. One can also find a national park on the island.  

Senja is about a 40 minute drive from Bardufoss. The island offers the possibility for some amazing hikes and great fishing. In  summer one can find some really great spots to enjoy the midnight sun here, while in winter there are great spots to experience the magical northern lights. 

If you visit the island we recommend you to remember your camera (or to charge your mobile phone) to be able to capture the beauty of the island. There are a great number of photogenic places. The island offers a number of activities and attractions. If you would like some really memorable experiences, we suggest a hike up Segla or kayaking in crystal clear waters by Hamn in Senja. 

Walk one of Norway's scenic routes

On the island you can find one of 16 Norwegian scenic routes, along the route you will be able to find white beaches, where you can stop and enjoy. 

Hike up the mountain Segla

Hike up one of Senjas most famous landmark, the mountain Segla. This is a 3-4 hour hike. The mountain top offers amazing views, making the steep incline all worth it. 


If one visits Senja during the summer months, June to September, we definitely recommend you to do some kayaking. The sea is crystal clear and you will be able to get close to the bird life on the island and maybe even meet some curious seals. You can rent necessary equipment by Hamn i Senja. EOne can book a guided tour.  

Go for a walk in Ånderdalen National Park

The national park on the island offers some really great paths, perfekt for the whole family. At times the park is used as feeding grounds for domestic reindeer, please ensure that you do not scare the animals you meet on the way. If you are up for a longer walk, try the queens path. Find more information here. 

Enjoy the view at Hagenes Kystfort

Hagenes Kystfort is a great viewpoint, where one can enjoy the view of Andørja and the islands outside Harstad og Senja. 

Topptur til Hesten

Another popular hike on the island, is hiking the mountain Hesten. This is also about a 3 hour hike, which are somewhat demanding due to the incline. The view on the hike makes it all worth it though. One will also have a view of the mountain Segla. 

Tungeneset Viewpoint

By Tungeneset you find a wooden pathway to make it easier to make it down to the sea. 

Try the local fish, called Skrei

The local delikatesse is called skrei, which is Norwegian trout at its best, if one agree with the locals. Fishing is still an important source of income for many people along in Northern Norway, and fish remains one of Norways most important exports.

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