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Hiking Istind

From the hotel you will be able to see the mountain Istind. The mountain is 1489 meter high, and in the period July to September, one can make it to the top by foot. The hiking trail is marked.  Istind is on the border between the two municipalities,  Bardu og Målselv, and is for a lot of people the highlight of the hiking season. The hike is somewhat demanding, as there is an incline for about 1 400 meters. The view at the top is definitely worth it, if you do not mind a workout too much. 

He hike starts at Fjellstadveien in lower Bardu. Take off from E6 in Elverumskrysset towards Rundhaug. Drive over the river, Barduelva, and go right after the turn towards Fjellstad.

The hiking trail starts from a clearly marked parking area, and you will also see signs to mark the hike.  In the start you will hike through forest, where the path is clear, but steep. After a while the terrain will flatten for a bit, so you will able to have a breather. 

By the treeline the path splits, and here you have two choices. The path to the left offers the possibility for a shorter hike to Istindaksla. The path to the right will take you to the top of Istind.  You follow the mountain ridge to the top. Make sure that you follow the path marked by red (marked on either on rocks or the mountain) for the safest route. 

The hike is about 8km up and down, and depending on your speed and number of stops it normally takes between 4-6 hours. 

Remember to bring food and extra clothing in your bag, and to have time to enjoy the view from the top. You can top up your water bottle while hiking, as the rivers on the mountain offers safe drinking water. 

Fin din vei
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