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Roller skiing in Bardufoss 

Bardufoss has a great roller skiing facility, with a 3,5 km paved track. The facility is only about 3 minute drive from the hotel and offers a great possibility to go skiing all year.

The roller skiing facility is also only a short drive from the city center and Bardufoss airport, which means that one by air can get to the facility in only about 1,5 hours from Norways capitol Oslo. The track is made just as a normal skiing track, and thus with hills and slopes. The track also goes by the biathlon stadium.  

One can find different shorter tracks linked to the longest track on 3,3km. 

The facility was finished in 2015, and is popular among professional skiers from all over Norway, who uses the facility to train during the summer months 

If you would to request the use of the biathlon stadium, please contact Torgeir Eriksen (Målselvs Skiskyttere) by phone: 90888970.

Please note that the picture above is not from the track. The track does not allow any cars. 

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