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Meet donkeys, lamas and more at Myra Farm

Myra Farm is a beautiful farm not too far from the hotel, and is run by Gry Iren og Henning Nyheim. 

There are about 50 animals on the farm, including horses, donkeys, alpakka, lamas, mini pigs, goats, dogs, cats, hens and ducks. 


The farm is open to the public during the summer, and in the weekends in the start of fall. Farm visits can also be booked. To learn more, to book or to request more information visit their facebook page. You find the link below. 

One can buy coffee, sodas, waffles and pancakes at the farm. There is also a very nice inside area for you to barbecue, and you can bring your own food.

Entrance is NOK 90 (free entry for children under the age of 2). 


Entrance includes a pony ride. 

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