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Drive an arctic truck 

Are you ready for an exhilarating ride? Aurora Husky safari organizes Arctic Truck safaris just outside Bardufoss. 

Arctic Trucks are known for their unique ability to navigate through deep snow, steep climbs and challenging terrain. On this tour you will be driving both on and off-road, the latter can be somewhat challenging. Before setting off, you will receive a thorough instructions on how to operate the vehicle, e.g. before driving into the deep snow you must deflate the tire pressure, this widens the tire surface and increases the vehicle's ability to float on the snow.


You will drive with one or two passengers in addition to the guide. You will be able to switch places during the trip, so everyone gets the opportunity to drive. If you can drive a normal car, you can drive an Arctic Truck. All you need is a regular driving license and a sense of adventure.

Choose between a 11.00am and 7.00pm start. 

Evening trips will give you a chance to see the northern light.


Aurora Husky

What's included:
Hot meal
Winter clothing and essentials
English-speaking guide


What to bring:
Warm undergarments (wool or fleece is recommended)

Arctic Truck NOK* 3500,- /pers (under 18 years old: 50% discount)


The activity can be booked from the 15th of November 

Book the activity when you book a room with us, you can add the activity as a add on on your booking (choose number of people, date and time). 


Bjørn Tore Helgesen
+47 918 86 276

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