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Bilde av Polar Park / Thomas Eckhoff.

Polar Park

Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre – The world’s northernmost animal park and home to Norway’s large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox.

The parken is about a 45 minute drive from the hotel. They offer wolf visit,where you can get up and close with wolves,  guided tours to get some great pictures, and guided tours to learn more about the parks predators.  The aim of the park is to create a Norwegian wilderness experience with the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway’s nature.


The polar park opened in 1994 and is more than your normal animal park, as they aim to exhibit the animals in their natural surroundings which means that each species also gets a lot of room to romp around. With 1100 dekar (1 dekar = 1000 square meters) in only 12 enclosures, the Polar Park is one of the animal parks in the world with the most area per animal.


The park is open almost every day, all year. 

There is a cosy restaurant by the entrance of the park. 

Polar Park Wildlife Foundation was created with the purpose of enhancing and improving animal welfare in Polar Park. Another purpose is to ensure the biological diversity from the perspective of predators, with particular focus on the Arctic predators. 

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