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Målselvfossen - a beautiful waterfall

Målselvfossen has been named Norways national waterfall, and every year about 90.000 people visit. The visitors come to explore the beautiful nature and many also to try their luck fishing for Norwegian Salmon.

The waterfall is 600 meter long, has three falls and North Europes longest "salmon ladder". You are also able to see the salmon on its way up the river, through a glasswindow under water. 

The river, Målselva, is one of the best rivers in Norway for salmon fishing.  It is possible to fish in the river from the Det er 15th of June. The river is only a short distance from the hotel. 

If you would like to go salmon fishing, keep in mind that you need a fishing licence, which you can buy online or at certain locations in Bardufoss. Read more here. 

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